Photon school

Last Saturday I have had a pleasure to read a 2-hour lecture at the Photon School organized by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin for Materials and Energy.  It was intended for chemistry and physics graduate students who are interested in the application of the spectroscopic methods to study the structure of matter. The program was quite tough and included one week of lectures and another one of practical training. The scope of topics comprised linear and non-linear spectroscopies in the range of photon energies from microwave to X-ray. It was a nice event and I could imagine that I would enjoy it if I were an attending student.

My lecture entitled “Introduction to electronic-structure theory for spectroscopy” focused on the hierarchy of the frequency- and time-domain methods as well as the basics of self-consistent field theory, configuration interaction, perturbation theory, and coupled-clusters techniques lying in the basement of the modern quantum chemistry. As far as I have understood talking to students most of them were experimentalists. I hope I did not overload them with theoretical details that much 🙂

This was my first time when I prepared a presentation with Prezi. It was a nice experience and I got quite some feedback concerning the spectacularity of the slides. For an illustration, the general overview of my lecture.

Скриншот 2017-03-23 09.29.42

An interested reader can find presentation itself on the repository of Prezi.

I would like to thank Annika Bande, Igor Kiyan, Kaan Atak, and Jean-Christophe Tremblay for discussions and nice time spent during lunch and dinner!




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