55th Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry STC 2019

The year 2019 has a special meaning for the University of Rostock. We are all preparing to celebrate its 600th anniversary. There will be two major events in the field of molecular physics and theoretical chemistry which are organized in connection to this anniversary: 83rd Spring Meeting of the German Physics Society (DPG-Frühjahrstagung) and 55th Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry (STC 2019). As a co-organizer of the STC 2019, I cordially invite you to participate!


The conference will take place from 22nd to 26th of September 2019 in Rostock, and its headline is “Spectroscopy and Photoinduced Dynamics.” The main topics are:

  • IR, UV-Vis, X-ray spectroscopy
  • photon in/out & photon in/electron out events
  • energy & time-domain methods
  • quantum & trajectory-based dynamics
  • quantum chemistry (DFT & wavefunction)
  • photocatalysis, energy materials, etc.

And here are some views of Rostock to attract your attention. The conference dinner is planned to take place just next to the beach and will be joined with the boat trip.


Looking forward to seeing you in Rostock!

Conferences this year

I have just got a couple of emails telling that the registration for 16th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry (ICQC) on June 18-23 in Menton (France) organized by International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science (IAQMS) since 1973 is now open. Don’t miss this event! I have already shared my impression about the previous conference in Beijing in 2015 and can recommend you to visit it. A teaser from the website of the conference:




Further, the registration for the 54th Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry which will take place in Halle (Germany) from 17-20 September is also open. The deadline for registration of oral contributions is 31st of May. 

Website of Christoph Merschjann

Christoph Merschjann, a colleague, who has been working in Rostock in the group of our experimental collaborator Stefan Lochbrunner and then moved to the group of our collaborator Emad Aziz in Berlin, has created a new personal website. Please enjoy!

An interesting fact is that we have not done any joint study while working nearby, but our collaboration was quite fruitful when Christoph changed for Helmholtz-Zentrum and resulted in a recently published paper.


16th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry

It is time already to make plans for the next year. I have recently got the first info message from the 16th ICQC organizing committee. Next year it will be held in Menton, France. I have attended the previous congress in Beijing in 2015 and even won the best poster prize.


There is only one session, what is convenient since one has an opportunity to attend all talks. However, this means that only invited talks are included into the program. Other participants are assumed to present posters. Because of this peculiarity, the poster sessions looked quite impressive. I have never seen such amount of eminent professors standing near their posters. It has been a nice opportunity to talk to some of them in an informal atmosphere. Summarizing, I can definitely recommend this event.

WATOC 2017

I would like to pay your attention to the 11th triennial congress on theoretical chemistry taking place in Münich this year.  The early bird registration is closed already but you can go for the normal one. I have attended the previous WATOC in Santiago de Chile and my wife has taken part in the congress before that in Santiago de Compostela. This is definitely an event worth visiting. It will give you an opportunity not only to listen to the cutting edge developments in quantum chemistry in multithreaded regime (several sessions are running simultaneously)  but also learn about the research of those people who win medals and prizes. For instance, in Chile Arieh Warshel (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013) read a lecture. Hope to see you in Münich this summer!

WATOC Flyer-7841cba0